"Quality of Life"
P.J.   Anderson, SC
I started seeing Libby almost twenty years ago to help me manage issues with my spine. While she couldn’t “fix” my issues, her treatments give me such relief and improves my quality of life greatly! She is very skilled at reading the tissues and knowing what needs work, and where new problems are appearing, without being told. Very in tune with her clients. Can not recommend enough!
"Relief from Chronic Pain"
Lona Kimmel
In 2011 I fell down a flight of wooden stairs. I waited a year before asking my doctor about the pain.  He suggested I see a chiropractor. When I talked with my chiropractor, he told me about craniosacral therapy which he thought would help since I had issues with my tailbone and spine after my fall.  After being in his care for 7 years and having what I thought was progress he had to take a medical leave and recommended another professional. That’s when I met Libby Mullinax. Then I found out what real progress is!  

The first visit was incredible. At first touch she asked what was going on with my left kidney. I forgot to put on the intake form that I had donated my left kidney and she picked up on that on the first visit. We had not discussed this previously. She shows me things about my body that I never would have known or paid attention to otherwise. I’ve been seeing Libby for treatment for a year and a half now and have never felt better!  I didn’t know that there was so much more to craniosacral therapy than I was receiving before. The mouth work, and the work she does on the plates of my scull, the way I feel when I leave a session is amazing. I feel like I truly have a relief from the chronic pain.
"Sense of Well-Being"
Patty, C.P.A.   Anderson, SC
For thirty years, I lived with a spot in my upper back that always hurt and sometimes became debilitating.  I had tried chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, physical therapy, and all types of massage with no results.  Without even touching it, this stubborn, painful spot in my back became under control within one or two visits of craniosacral therapy with Libby Mullinax.  I have also experienced other benefits of her craniosacral therapy including my jaw feeling more relaxed and a general sense of well-being.  Libby is both highly knowledgeable in her field and one of the most caring people I have ever met.
"I feel more balanced"
Madeline   Anderson, SC
I have been a client of Libby Mullinax for five years.  I have struggled with chronic back pain since high school.  Libby has provided relief for me through craniosacral therapy.  In addition to helping me manage back pain, she has been able to address other issues that have manifested themselves over the years such as TMJ, migraines, anxiety, and gastrointestinal issues.  When I leave a craniosacral therapy session with Libby, I also feel more balanced and able to handle challenges that might present themselves that day or week.
"Symptoms Completely Resolved"
SL family nurse practitioner   Anderson SC
I started seeing Libby due to persistent TMJ that started in 2015.  I had seen my dentist who referred me to a TMJ specialist. I started using a mouth guard at night. I had also tried steroids and muscle relaxers.  I had pain over the right jaw radiating to the right face and down the neck. I started seeing Libby for craniosacral therapy and started to see improvement after a few sessions. Symptoms completely resolved after about 4-6 months. I overall have no neck or jaw pain and chronic headaches have improved.
"Libby is the Best"
Rebecca Morlok    SPHR, SHRM-SCP
I have been a client/patient of Libby's for a number of years. I initially presented with severe neck and back pain that I had suffered since childhood. Through the years I have tried everything for relief from chiropractic adjustments to acupuncture. Sessions with Libby have provided the most relief and progress.I initially used Libby for massage therapy and she had her work cut out for her. My neck had reached a point close to fusion, my back pain was preventing me from normal life activities.  Libby did not disappoint. She is the best massage therapist I ever used.​

As her practice organically grew and moved to craniosacral therapy, I began to transition with Libby. Libby is a great massage therapist, but she is an extremely GIFTED craniosacral therapist.

My body responds immediately when Libby begins to work. Together we have made incredible progress towards my physical, emotional and spiritual health. I no longer suffer from neck and back pain. I have full range of motion in my neck and have 'reclaimed' my back. I can now read my body, and feel as blocked areas release.

Libby is very intuitive and, even before a session begins, she zeroes in on the area that needs focus. She is extremely professional and gives 100% of her focus to you when you are on her table. She continues to grow with her practice, acquiring and developing more and more skills to help her patients. And her clientele includes all ages. If you want true healing and a team approach to treatment and growth, Libby is the best!
"Reduced Inflammatory Pain"
Ed Nelson
When I first learned about CranioSacral Therapy from my daughter, I was a bit skeptical as to its actual health benefits. Then our therapist offered a session for a learning experience. What I discovered was that it served as a kind of underlying reset button to relax the bones of the head, sacral and spinal column. My body and mind experienced unexpected stress relief and reduced inflammatory pain. It stands alone from other techniques. Since then, I incorporate it as a normal part of my health maintenance regimen.
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